We’re making homeownership less complicated

With a simple, efficient, cost-effective approach of combining the home buying process with the lending process.

Confusion leads to missed opportunities

We think that buying a home and getting the financing in place is hard enough. Add to that, the complicated task of finding two separate professionals to guide you through it. That’s why we created The Lending Agent – one professional with your interests in mind for a better overall experience.


Because finding the perfect home while figuring out the best way to buy it is hard enough.


Pairing you with an agent that not only understands you but knows how to make your dreams a reality.


Your time is precious and we value that. Getting what you want is what we do, simply and faster.


We partner with industry leaders to ensure you have the best hassle free experience in the business.

Is it legal?

Yes, and our clients appreciate the lengths to which we protect them from potential liability.

Is it actually better?

We think it makes one of the most complicated transactions of most people’s lives much more simple.

We have you covered

Bring your dreams and wish list, your capabilities, and insights together to reach your goals faster—all from a single platform.

Do it all with the lending agent

Bring your dreams and your wish list, together we can reach your goals faster—all from a single source.